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Problems can arise when you are on holiday


hough fun and a break from everyday life, there are occasionally problems that arise whilst you are away on holiday. Whether it’s a personal injury, bad service or the wrong accommodation that has affected your holiday, you may be able to make a claim.

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You may be eligible to make a claim


hen making a booking you are entitled to know all the details related to your holiday and if these differ or if something goes wrong, Steve Davies Solicitors are on hand to help you claim for damages. Compensation can be claimed for things such as food poisoning, sporting injuries, substandard accommodation and bad service.

Steve Davies Solicitors are here to help


ur team understand the importance of having the perfect holiday and the stress and upset that can come with unsatisfactory service or an injury due to negligence. At Steve Davies Solicitors our priority is to help you claim for the damages you deserve.

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